CONVIS – powerful together

CON stands for commonality, VIS for power, also strength and VIS can even be extended to VIS ...ION.

After several years of successful collaboration within a large company, the six current directors decided to set up their own company together. Their intention: to utilise each individual’s specific skills as synergies. That was in 1997 and was the moment when CONVIS sprang into life. It was more due to formal than separative reasons that three CONVIS companies, each with its own core focus, came into being under one roof. Since then, work has gone into ensuring strong cohesion between the companies, chiefly through shared project work, but helped along a little by joint summer and winter parties.

From the very start CONVIS was – and continues to be – a full-service provider, covering the full spectrum of consultancy, planning, project management, and communications.

CONVIS: 3 companies – 1 contact person

We want to make things as simple as possible for our clients from the start. That is why we offer the comprehensive service package for our three CONVIS companies from a single source. Our regular clients appreciate the fact that they can easily add any extra services they require to the core project at a later stage, without having to plan this in beforehand, and still receive top quality work.

Our working methods

CONVIS has been in business for two decades, meaning that we can draw on a considerable wealth of experience. Nonetheless, we see every project as unique. We are highly motivated in everything we do and are always keen to embrace new challenges. Only the best possible result is good enough for us. We never gloss over any issues that may arise, but consider possible resolution approaches at any early stage, and we do not shy away from discussing contentious issues. Finally, we are communications experts as well as specialists, with many years of experience in construction management. We take a considerable load off our clients’ backs so that they can concentrate on their core business. 

Our employees

We give our employees as much room for manoeuvre as possible. They need to be able to work creatively and take pleasure in their work. We have complete faith in their abilities at all stages of the work process: as a consequence of this, we can confidently trust them to work on their own initiative, taking on a high degree of personal responsibility. Flat hierarchies and an “open door” policy enable rapid workflows and information exchange. In addition to this, we cultivate a way of working in which everyone sees each other as the “client”. We therefore conduct ourselves in the same way within the company as we would at meetings outside the office.

Continuity and growth

We think it is essential to have a trusting working relationship with our clients and all those involved in the project. Projects that last for several years generate shared project structures. The same applies to long-term assignments in communications and public relations work. Our employees hardly ever leave, which is positive for the company as it allows continuity in client projects and has, moreover, been instrumental in leading to an increasing number of projects and CONVIS’s steady growth.