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No project is possible without communication. Communication that is effective and works well between all parties is much more than this: it is the key to success. Good performance needs to be successfully communicated, which requires a compelling marketing strategy and targeted press publicity.

From concept to corporate design, print or website to campaign and participation

CONVIS offers both project and corporate communications services, develops internal and external communication strategies, designs customised communications activities and executes them successfully from start to finish.

Our strengths in the field of communications and PR work include construction projects on the one hand and, on the other hand, projects funded by the EU, which are aimed at sustainable, ecological and social growth.

For construction projects, participation should be considered from the very beginning in order to increase acceptance. CONVIS supports you in the planning and implementation of your public participation measures.

Strategic creativity and a love of communication

We have a valued tradition of communicating as equals, whether it is within our company, on a project, with our clients, or with the wider public.

We combine meticulous planning, reliability and trust-based cooperation with a love of creativity and a willingness to embrace new challenges and work together effectively as a team. Thanks to our many years of experience and our wide-ranging spectrum of services and offerings, we can act, react and communicate appropriately at each stage of the project. We address everyone from their standpoint and take the wishes, requirements, concerns and fears of all stakeholders seriously.